Temp-Sense by Thinnect

Online tool for the food safety

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Seamless connectivity from the sensor to the cloud
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Easy to install

Are you sure the food offered to your customers has not gone bad?
You can be now.

Thinnect temperature guards are created to monitor hot and cold storage areas in food industry. They instantly send alerts if a temperature goes off limits and the food quality might me compromised. This gives peace of mind to restaurant, kitchen and supermarket managers as well as to customers who no longer need to wonder if the fish they buy is good. That means no lawsuits or threat to reputation because of spoiled food. Temp-Sense also helps to minimize food waste thus reducing costs and environmental footprint!


Thinnect online temperature sensor system monitors internal temperature of hot foods as well as refrigerators, walk-in refrigerators and cooled display cases. The monitoring system can be used in supermarkets, restaurants and commercial kitchens. It includes wireless sensors placed in food storage areas as well as internal food temperature probes.

The system automatically raises alerts, saves monitored data and provides real-time and historical visibility into the facility’s food handling areas, and in case of multi-location businesses, across all facilities.

Please look at our introduction video of Temp-Sense in real life:


– Wireless battery-powered sensors are placed in monitored areas, both hot and cold. For hot food preparation and handling there is an internal food temperature probe.
– Cellular gateway delivers data seamlessly from all the sensors to the cloud.
– Food internal temperature measurements can be associated with a specific food article.
– Instant alerts when a temperature goes off limits (via email, text message or visual).
– Real-time and historical data available at a click of a button on easy-to-use dashboard and mobile interface.
– Easy to set up – no wires needed for installation.
– Works for years – no need to replace sensor batteries for years.


Food manufacturing
Food manufacturers have the biggest responsibility in the food supply chain as they are the ones at the start of the process. If the ingredients at the “base” are safely guarded, people can expect quality also in their kitchens and restaurants while preparing the final product.

Temp-Sense ensures the high quality of the food that is handled in the facility.

Have you ever had to apologize to a client who bought meat gone bad… several days before the expiration date? If you had used Temp-Sense, this wouldn’t have happened. The manager would have known about the refrigeration issue on the day it occurred and you wouldn’t have sold the spoiled meat.

Use Temp-Sense to ensure the high quality of the food that moves through your facility.

Your clients want to enjoy the food you cook and serve, and naturally they expect high quality. “Hoping for the best” is not an option if you want your ingredients to be of highest quality before they become your chef’s special.

Use Temp-Sense to ensure the high quality of the food that comes from your kitchen.


Full Feature Set
Automated alerts to designated mobile devices if a temperature surpasses the desired levels (above or below)
24/7 automated temperature monitoring and recording for compliance purposes and service planning
Cloud-based dashboard for full visibility: reports with historical temperature graphs and reports on individual areas

Simple Set-up
Self-installable – you can place the sensors and configure the sensor locations on an easy-to-use dashboard
Customized temperature ranges for individual areas
Data is available immediately after the sensors have been placed

Case studies

Please find below the case studies about Temp-Sense in action.

Temp-Sense case study of Italian meat restaurant

Temp-Sense case study of convenience store

Temp-Sense case study of the food distribution center