As a complete IoT solution provider, Thinnect is delivering on the promise of IoT. Thinnect offers products to reduce energy waste and improve efficiency of buildings.

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Seamless connectivity from the sensor to the cloud
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10 years in development
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Reliable networking with transparent management
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8 years field proven
Over $2M invested in technology development
Technology in 3500 devices in 24 countries

Thinnect is a technology spin-out from Defendec which is a company providing intelligent border patrol solutions, co-funded by the CEO of Thinnect, Jurgo Preden. Jurgo was the CTO of Defendec for 6 years directing the wireless border patrol product development and supporting its commercialization which resulted in its deployment in 15 countries across the world.

Thinnect, Inc. was formed to exploit the many benefits of Thinnect’s patented wireless mesh networking technology for the gain of IoT segments such as commercial intelligent lighting and intelligent street lighting. This technology has also been uniquely developed to optimally support dynamic edge-of-networks computing (we call this Mist computing) and network reuse by many applications. This makes it easy for applications such as building security, smoke detection, product/staff tracking, etc to operate on a single (lighting) network.

Thinnect is further extending its offering with the inclusion of NaaS (network as a service) utilizing its deep knowledge of wireless mesh networks to transparently monitor/manage/optimize and secure networks via the cloud.