Multiple applications on same network
Self configuring
Real-time diagnostics
  • The temperature monitoring solution is based on Thinnect’s field-proven technology which has been used in Boarder Patrol and Intelligent Lighting applications across the globe. Thinnect’s self-configuring technology and automated system management services ensure that all temperature sensors are able to report data from the moment they are powered, and continue reliable operation for years.
  • Wireless network managed from the cloud ensuring that network performance is optimal for the given application.
  • Multiple applications managed on the same network ensuring that every application has access to the amount of bandwidth needed for optimal application performance.
  • Real-time diagnostics information on any issue that may occur within the network, such as nodes being damaged or communication performance being hindered because of environmental changes or node location change.
  • Patented ‘no collision’ TDMA clustering scheme eliminates collisions in large/high density wireless mesh networks. Our clustering scheme is realized by each individual node in the network using only local information available to the nodes and requiring NO central coordination.
  • Self-configuring network layer – no network planning and no network configuration during installation.
  • Thinnect’s proactive routing protocol based on the AODV DYMO standard saves bandwidth and enables/maintains efficient communication.
  • Our service-based distributed application scheme (which lies at the foundation of Thinnect’s Mist computing), was originally pioneered and developed at the Research Laboratory for Proactive Technologies at Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia.